“The best Spiced Rum in the world.” Easy !

100% ORGANIC, fruit of cosmic balance... It's simply incredible in the mouth.

One shot and you're off to Tijuana (blackjack tables not included).

I want it !
  • The Fucker Punch

    Ti-Punch style, but with this little twist: "We suck your nipple at the end of the evening on the private beach of the all-in hotel that Patrick booked last minute. Thank you Patrick!

  • The Free As Fuck

    Nico's favorite Focktail: inspired by Cuba Libre. I've skied naked before, it's the same feeling of freedom, with less risk of frostbite.

  • The Mule Fucker

    A brilliant idea from Antoine: “Moscow Mule” inspiration. No animals were harmed in the design of the Focktail.